PC or Hardware Troubleshooting:

We Carry out necessary Operating System troubleshooting in Windows Xp / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 Or Windows Server Editions, carrying out computer repairs, hardware and software upgrades, software installations, maintenance and Support


Computer Hardware Support

We do Thorough diagnose and repairing of any computer hardware issue. We guarantee your savings on hardware replacements through our regular maintenance services. Our regular attention to your network can save your precious data and can also increase the life of hardware

Network Support

Our AMC at SENTIENT JMP TEK includes the network support under which we take care of any cabling related issue and we also provide complete support to upgrade your existing network to a faster and more available network.

Virus Protection Support

We carry out the routine maintenance services to protect your network from any virus related issues. Our qualified team is going to refresh your computers to help you getting rid of any virus or possible spyware in your computers or networks.

Data Recovery

If you have lost data recently or loosing data is a recurring loss in your network –We not only provide support to recover your lost data but we also safe-guard the measures to take appropriate backups on routine basis or as and when required by you.